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Instagram pics to inspire you to cook

Social media app Instagram is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring photos. Some can inspire you to work out for a sexy bod, inspire you to travel, make you laugh again and again, and some will make you feel like playing with your food (in a good way). 

Take Malaysian housewife-turned-food artist Samantha Lee’s account for instance, who “makes food that tell a story”. Here are some of her pop culture themed foods that will make you want to whip up your own home-cooked meal the next time you hear your stomach saying “Hello~”:

Pokeball pasta

Gotta eat ‘em all!

Chewbacca toast

You don’t need the force to gobble down this Chewbacca toast.

“Finding Nemo” fish dish

Did you “find” your Nemo dish?

Pikachu omelette

Pika-pika-pick a ‘chu for your breakfast!

Wonder Woman bread and apple

A Wonder Woman a day, keeps the doctor away.

Snow White meal

Because just an apple (tomato?) a day might not keep the villains at bay.

“Peanuts” lunch

Clean your plate and you’ll get an actual ice cream.

“Monsters, Inc.” dinner

To scare away the hungry monster in your tummy.

Adele’s “Hello” rice and omelette

Hello~ Can you hear my rumbling stomach?

Minion corns

Sorry guys, only corns here, no bananaaaaa…

(Photo source: instagram.com/leesamantha)
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