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Identity of mysterious bunnies finally revealed!

Remember last time we told you that we’ve been seeing some suspicious-looking bunny ladies roaming around in public?

These ladies were spotted around Sunway, SS15 and even at the Selena Gomez “Revival” concert last week, and pictures of them have been going around on social media too!

Well the mystery is now solved, folks!

The mysterious bunnies are Ariana Grande’s Bunny Squad!

The 23-year-old singer recently released her third studio album, “Dangerous Woman”, and all the commotions that we’ve been seeing in Malaysia turn out to be part of the effort to promote the singer’s latest album.

But here’s the fun part – you can now be part of the squad too as we are about to give away FIVE exclusive Ariana Grande’s bunny masks!

If you want a bunny mask, all you have to do is share this news on your Facebook, tag five of your friends and leave a comment on TheHive.Asia Facebook page.

Head on over to Universal Malaysia’s Facebook page for more details.
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