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Amplify FM, a radio station that plays only Malaysian hits

Guinness Malaysia has launched a new online radio station known as Amplify FM, Malaysia’s first online local music radio station that plays nothing but only the best homegrown hits!

The platform was created to give underappreciated local musicians, who don’t quite get the on-air prime time they deserve – a chance to shine.

This is also an extension to the Guinness Amplify music programme, which gives emerging musicians the chance to showcase what they have.

Some of the local musicians that you will be hearing on the station include An Honest Mistake, Bihzhu, +2DB, Jumero, Froya, GTXperiment, Kyoto Protocol, Paperplane Pursuit, Talitha Tan and more!

That’s not all, aspiring local musicians will also get a leg up with an exciting live music gig series called Ampilfy 2016, which is slated for 30 September and 1 October 2016.

Check out amplify.com.my now to listen to Malaysia’s best local hits!

(Photo source: prnasia.com)
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