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15 rainbow-coloured food that will make you go crazy

We can’t really remember when the trend started but for some reason, the world is now addicted to rainbow-coloured things!

From photo filters to hair colours, clothes and even food – almost everything is getting the rainbow treatment, and there is just no going back!

The latest food items that have joined the rainbow club recently are sushi and grilled cheese, and by now you would already think that nothing is impossible anymore!

To prove our point, here are a list of rainbow food items that would definitely serve as a viewing pleasure for every rainbow-loving folks out there and unicorns too!

Rainbow Grilled Cheese
Wonder if this is how unicorn barf looks like? - Just kidding!
(Photo source: today.com) 
 Rainbow Sushi
Because white rice is so last year!
(Photo source: popsugar.com)
 Rainbow Bagel
Sure looks like all the colours of Play-Doh mixing together!
(Photo source: metro.co.uk)
 Rainbow Popcorn
Wonder if each colour has different flavour?
(Photo source: thefoodhead.com)
 Rainbow Burger
This looks kind of messy!
(Photo source: buzzfeed.com)
 Rainbow Bread
Too much colouring?
(Photo source: sparecake.com)
 Rainbow Spaghetti
Okay, this looks weird and seems to need a lot of effort to do it!
(Photo source: tablespoon.com)
 Rainbow Latte
The art is simply beautiful!
(Photo source: thisiscolossal.com)
 Rainbow Pizza
Now this looks healthy!
(Photo source: gimmedelicious.com)
 Rainbow Pancakes
Breakfast for the unicorns?
(Photo source: food.viralcreek.com)
Not really a rainbow food if you eat them separately, unless all the colours are stacked together!
(Photo source: thestar.com.my)
 Rainbow Milkshakes
Another unicorn barf? LOL
(Photo source: marieclaire.co.uk)
 Rainbow Cakes
Okay, this is a bit too much!
(Photo source: youtube.com)
 Rainbow Waffle
Now your kids will finally eat!
(Photo source: tablespoon.com)
That is way too tall! Can you finish it on time before it melts?
(Photo source: pinterest.com)

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