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Wow! This Malaysian socialite got a Pink Ferrari for her birthday!

“You don't need anyone to crown you in order for you to be a QUEEN,” reads the Instagram profile of 24-year-old Malaysian socialite Lisa Teh, who would make you wish that you were her as she has almost everything that many young adults could ever wish for!

Have no idea who she is? Well, she’s only like one of the richest and luckiest girls in Malaysia – dare we say she’s basically the Paris Hilton of Malaysia?

Not only does she live a luxurious life, she recently had a really awesome birthday party where she got a jaw-dropping birthday present!

That’s right, a bright PINK Ferrari! Whaaattt…! This feels like an episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen”!

Looking at the photos, we can’t tell exactly what is the Ferrari model Lisa now owns, but just to let you know, a Ferrari typically costs around USD200,000 to USD400,000.

Anyway, calling her special day the “Pink Party”, the lavish celebration took place at Play Club at The Roof, Bandar Utama last Saturday, 16 April 2016.

Just going through her Instagram feed, it’s obvious that Lisa has a huge obsession with the colour pink!

Last year, she apparently got a pink Bentley, on top of the pink Audi R8 she also owns…okay, cue Good Charlotte’s “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”!

Check out some of the videos from her birthday party that we found on Instagram.

A video posted by Kimberly Khoo Li Yuen (雇丽雯) (@kimkhoo_ly) on

A video posted by Windy 💋 (@windyteh) on

(Photo sources: Lisa Teh Instagram, thecoverage.my, lowyat.net, Roen Cian’s Instagram, Joey Lim’s Facebook, boardgamegeek.com)


  1. I end up here just by searching details about wrapped cars but OKAY found something interesting here anyway here's my 1 cent,
    It is very interesting to read people that born with silver spoon still enjoy life to their full compare to those who work as slave or underground activities but hey guys nothing is perfect. They are either lucky or fortune and nothing else if you think deeper, it seems like she is born from silver spoon anyway so cheer up people whoever read this and feel jelly you may not know you yourself can handle people sincerely rather than faking for benefits like these people.


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