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Welcome to Naked City, where being nude is completely natural

Welcome to The Village Naturiste at Cap d’Agdet where wearing clothes are prohibited and going butt naked is the way of life!

Located in the town of Agde in France, the resort is known as ‘Naked City’ for being the world's largest nudist town, attracting more than 40,000 body-confident visitors every summer.

(Photo source: yogainside.org)

The Village Naturiste is a fully functioning town where everyone at every establishment goes completely nude, and it has the world’s only nude bank, nude post office, nude hairdressers, nude supermarket and more!

(Photo source: theguardian.com)

Visitors need to pay a “naked tax” of NZD13.40 at the resort’s entrance, before stripping off completely and then keeping their clothes in lockers during their stay, Stuff reports.

(Photo source: theguardian.com)

Although nudity is compulsory at the beach, some visitors cover themselves when the weather is too cold in the evening, and some also dress up during dinner.

(Photo source: mondialnaturisme.com)

Any lewd behaviour at the naturist resort could land you in jail with a NZD25,000 fine, so don’t be too naughty, and in recent years, there have been complaints that the seaside town is overrun by voyeurs, libertines and swingers.

(Photo source: Cap d’Agdet's Twitter)
(Main photo source: acoquinementvotre.fr)


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