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Maxis is under attack due to ‘unfair treatment’ towards customers

Malaysia’s biggest communication service provider, Maxis is currently facing a lot of troubles as many of its customers are threatening to leave the telco due to the company’s unfair treatment to its loyal customers.

It all started when one very unhappy Maxis customer who goes by the name jackson5759 wrote a long and detailed post on a forum at Lowyat.net, complaining about the telco’s cheap mobile plan offers to certain users as well as those live in East Malaysia.

jackson5759 confessed that he has been a loyal customer of Maxis for almost 10 years and he was never offered a cheaper plan from the telco, while his friend who has only been using Maxis for a few years, was offered not one but FOUR cheaper plans when she decided to switch to Celcom service.

“I’m [a] loyal Maxis customer for almost 10 years with 5 numbers under my IC and paying much more than my friend [but] I didn't get such offer from Maxis,” read the post on Lowyat.net.

After calling Maxis and enquired about the matter, Maxis said that the offer is only given to “selected customers”.

Trying to get the same deal as his friend, jackson5759 also decided to switch to Celcom, and at some point, he received a call from Maxis and was offered the cheaper plan – which he rejected at the end of the day.

jackson5759 also said that Maxis offers cheaper plans for the people in East Malaysia compared to the rest of the country.

After that, the post has gone viral on social media, and many consumers of Maxis have decided to leave the service provider and switch to rival telcos like Celcom or Digi.

Maxis then responded with a statement on Facebook, saying:-
"You may have read of an exaggerated Maxis save offer in the lowyat.net forum that has been circulating recently when it was first posted on 9 March 2016. We just want to say that this save offer does not exist in the way it was described.
As with any company that has good data on customers, we often design and run targeted campaigns based on factors such as tenure, types of services used, payment history and many more. These targeted campaigns are to ensure that customers get to try out the varied services and plans that Maxis offers.
Sometimes Maxis uses offers to stimulate trial of new services. Every now and then we also offer special deals to get our customers to switch in their family members as Maxis customers or to extend a contract.
Additionally, in conjunction with Maxis’ 4G expansion into more towns in Sabah and Sarawak, we launched an introductory 4G promotion that comes with more data. We simply want the East Malaysian residents to enjoy the 4G experience with the upgraded network. The network upgrade has already happened in other parts of the country and now brings the same improved performance to 8 towns across East Malaysia."

Despite Maxis’ attempt to shed light on the whole situation, many customers are still unimpressed and continue to criticise and slam the telco on their Facebook page.

(Photo sources: digitalnewsasia.com, bizreport.com, chiefmarketer.com, kii.com Maxis' Facebook)


  1. I simply change telco without inform anything to Maxis. when they send sms asking I confirm or not to move, I straightly replied, YES! in a second. HAHA. I'm happy with Digi Postpaid Plan RM78 - 7GB now

  2. My family Maxis user before this, now i tell them to exchange using Digi. U already lost many consumers rite now. Your package not worth it!

  3. Serangan ke atas Maxis ini adalah pengajaran buat mereka.
    Nasib baik saya pilih Digi RM78 boleh dapat data 7GB lagi.

  4. I'm also port out from Maxis bcause their service are very bad.
    Now I'm happy with Digi. good service and cheaper.
    Digi Postpaid 78 get 7gb data + unlimited calls. Berbaloi-baloi!

  5. YI mengunakan MAXIS dari sejak sekolah tingkatan tapi rasa di tipu baik YI tukar Telco. Korang nak tau DIGI dengan RM 78 korang akan dapat 7GB dan unlimited call...

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