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Are vibrators really being sold at this well-known pharmacy in Malaysia?

Smile Makers vibrators are now available at Watsons Malaysia!

Surprised? So are we! Honestly, we thought that it was some kind of an April Fool’s joke, but turns out it’s not, as Watsons Malaysia have even officially announced it on their Facebook page with a launch event held just recently!

“Smile Makers' mission is to normalise one’s sexual wellbeing and reframe it as a natural and healthy part of beauty care and life,” read their post on Facebook.

The vibrators come in four different designs and colours, and are called; The Frenchman, The Fireman, The Tennis Coach and The Millionaire.

Now here’s the big question – Will it really be a smooth journey for Watsons Malaysia to be able to sell these ‘toys’ in a Muslim-populated country?

Since the news is fairly new, it would only be a matter of time before someone out there would start making a fuss about it.

Remember back then when there were several adult stores in Malaysia at famous shopping malls like Mid Valley Megamall selling sex toys? They were all eventually closed down.

Anyway, each of the vibrators are priced at RM129 and are now available at Watsons Malaysia stores and website.

(Photo sources: Watsons Malaysia's Facebook, ogilvy.be)

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