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10 Sexiest Asian women that you should follow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most-used social media platforms in the world, and it is also a platform that you can use to become famous just by posting some ‘interesting’ images with creative hashtags – the better you are at these, the more followers you’ll have for sure!

Of course, you can also easily get a lot of followers if you have a really beautiful face and a perfectly sexy body to boot!

Currently, the most followed person in the world is the gorgeous actress and singer Selena Gomez, followed by her bestie Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian in third place.

These celebrities are not only known for their popularity, but also their beauty, brain and sense of fashion.

But before we get all Hollywood, we have so many popular and sexy women in our region that we just had to feature in our list of 10 sexiest Asian women that you should follow on Instagram!

1. Patricia Knudsen
A photo posted by Patricia K (@patriciaknudsen) on

2. Kinki Ryusaki
A photo posted by Kinki Ryusaki (@kinkiryusaki) on

3. Leng Yein

4. Angie Watkins

5. DJ Soda

6. Pia Wurtzbach
A photo posted by Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (@piawurtzbach) on

7. Leng Sean

8. Vicki Li

9. Tasia Deti Dahlia
A photo posted by Tasia Deti (@detidahlia) on

10. Bibie Julius
A photo posted by Bibie Julius Official Video (@bibiejulius12) on


  1. I would like to nominate ๆœฑๅฏๅ„ฟ(Barbieๅฏๅ„ฟ)who just made her official Instagram debut a few days ago at http://www.instagram.con/zhukeerofficial

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