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ZoukOut is bringing its EDM madness to Boracay, Philippines!

The first edition of ZoukOut Prelude Edition is set to kick off in Boracay, Philippines!

Similar to the annual ZoukOut in Singapore, the Prelude Edition is set to be a two-day festival that will take place at the white sandy beaches of Boracay island on 30 April and 1 May 2016.

Philippines will be the first expansion of the ZoukOut festival which will be followed by two other editions in Asian cities this year, with the next one set to be in Hong Kong.

A total of 11 international and local acts will be featured at the first overseas edition with an expected crowd of 5,000.

Some of the big names include one of America’s best DJs, Kaskade, Dutch house music duo DubVision, Singaporean fashionista cum turntablist DJ Ghetto, Canadian electronic duo DVBBS and more names to be announced!

Ticket prices starts from PHP2,000 onwards.

For more info on the tickets prices and packages, visit zoukout.ph

The main event, ZoukOut 2016 will take place in December at Siloso Beach in Singapore.

(Photo sources: ZoukOut's Facebook)

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