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World Gourmet Summit celebrates 20 years of food experience

The prestigious annual culinary event is back this year to celebrate its 20th anniversary while giving fellow foodies an amazing gastronomic experience as the World Gourmet Summit 2016 (WGS 2016) is set to be held from 28 March to 26 April 2016 in Singapore.

Since 1997, the World Gourmet Summit is organised by A La Carte Productions and is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), with an aim to establish Singapore as a culinary destination which brings together a stellar ensemble of international culinary stars, home-grown talents, and industry personalities who appreciate fine wines and cuisines.

This year too, the summit will see the participation of various renowned culinary experts including masterchefs Arnaud Bignon, Chris Donellan, Javier Aranda, Takagi Kazuo, Yoshinari Ishii, Qian Yibin, Petty Elliot and Chef Wan.

Like every year, WGS will be hosting all sorts of events, dinners, as well as showcases with specially created menus, and the hosting chefs include Daniel Sia, Jet Lo, Li Man, Christopher Millar, Toni Robertson, Yohhei Sasaki and more, so food lovers can look forward to gaining some tips and culinary insights from the masterclasses and workshops.

To celebrate the past two decades of great food, fine wine and unique dining, a special signature event called “WGS 20 Best Chefs” jam session will be held, featuring more than 20 local and international top chefs discussing on the present and the future of food.

The jam session will take place at Stellar at 1-Altitud on 16 and 17 April 2016.

The summit will also feature other events and activities including Hong Kong Street – Back Alley Party, World Gourmet Summit Charity Gala Dinner (held to support the National Kidney Foundation), Mexican Food at Home, Bikers Gourmet Safari and more!

For the full WGS schedules, venues and ticketing details, visit worldgourmetsummit.com.

(Photo sources: World Gourmet Series' Facebook)
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