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Laura Mam, Bross La & Seav JKS heat up Hennessy Artistry Cambodia 2016

Hennessy Artistry Cambodia 2016 promised to deliver the biggest party in Phnom Penh – and indeed, it delivered!

Held at Diamond Island City Hall on 25 March, the doors opened from 8pm onwards to a crowd anticipating a perfect blend of music and drinks from Hennessy Artistry.

Seav JKS and Bross La arriving at the party.
Chinese dance group, Wonder Baby.

The event, organised by Hotshoes Cambodia, showcased its global art of mixing as it presented a lineup made up of a mix of local and international acts including Cambodia’s very own Laura Mam and Bross La & Seav JKS; Malaysia’s DJ Vibe, MizzKiya, Shawn Lee and Chriz Ooi; Australia’s DJ Brooklyn; South Korea’s Laysha and more.

The party kicked off with a collaboration stage show from all the performers of the night before hosts Kheav Sansana and Antony took to the stage to welcome the crowd. 

Hosts Kheav Sansana and Antony.
Yim Nara and Heng Keonita interact with the hosts from offstage.

Dressed to impress in their red and black number, the energetic yet elegant hosts got the crowd going, all ready for Cambodian performers Bross La and Seav JKS to heat up the party next with their Khmer hip hop sound.

Bross La and Seav JKS.
Singer-songwriter, Laura Mam.
Seav JKS, Laura Mam and Bross La greeting the crowd.

Cambodian-American singer-songwriter Laura Mam also performed later on in the night. The singer added her own flair to the local Khmer music – performing songs that not only showcased her vocals but also her dance moves. 

All the way from China and South Korea, came girl groups Wonder Baby and Laysha, who enticed the crowd with their smooth moves. 

Laysha dancing to popular K-pop songs.
Laysha minus their red jackets.

During breaks in the performances, MizzKiya and Dj Brooklyn came on stage – albeit at different times – spinning bass thumping, adrenaline pumping beats to keep the party going.

Australian DJ Brooklyn (top) and Malaysian DJ MizzKiya.
Malaysian beatboxer, Shawn Lee, featuring Gu Zheng.

Also hyping up the Friday night crowd were Shawn Lee with his beatboxing skills (much to the audience’s amusement, he even imitated a Chinese traditional instrument during a duet with Gu Zheng), DJ Vibe and dance duo, Khenobu and Chriz Ooi.

Malaysian dancers Khenobu and Chriz Ooi.
Malaysian DJ Vibe.

While enjoying the performances, the audience was treated to Hennessy Long Drinks such as Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Berry.

All good things must come to an end, however. The hosts and artistes took to the stage one last time to bid farewell to the crowd before bringing the party to a close at a little before 2am.


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