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Valentine's on a budget in these tough economic times

Valentine's Day is that one day where the prices rise but everything else stays the same. A rose on any day is way cheaper than when it is during the love season, but people still buy it. Many people don’t bother the price hike as that is their way of letting their partner know that they are worth it, but what about those who aren’t able to splash cash even if it is an annual occasion?

The thing about love is that it can never be measured by price or quantity, it is purely emotion and passion. So why not gather those feelings and produce something priceless instead of casually buying a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers with a card attached to it.

1) The Card

Many would just spend on a decorated card, writing a little something on the inside and passing it on. But the unnecessary cost of the Valentines card, although not much would leave a mark on your wallet. All a person needs to inform his or her partner is a pen, paper and effort. Also make sure you say the right things. After you've written your heart's desire, add some colours and artwork to show your artistic side. That is sure to put a smile on his/her face. Avoid buying overpriced paper.

2) Flowers

If your partner does not fancy flowers then you're safe, but if she does, fret not. Flowers play a massive role in the game of love but instead of buying an expensive dying plant, why not plant one and pass it on. Whatever flower your partner is into, get the seeds and plant it for them whether in a small pot or in the garden. It is a beautiful gesture for that special person as the plant blooms not only for a few days but over and over and over again, hopefully the relationship is just as great.

3) The Gift

This is where it gets tricky, your partner may have something on their mind for what they want but the element of surprise never fails. If you could surprise them with what they always wanted, that’s fantastic, but if you've no clue or don’t have the financial ability and plan on making something then a memory box is the gift for you. 

If you suffer from memory loss then we have a problem, but this gift is essentially a collection of all the favourite memories the two of you had together. It is another simple way to cut down on costs this February. It would be nice if you could decorate the box and make it look pleasant and soothing to the eyes. All you need is a small box or container, the rest is the papers with memories written all over it. It is a very rare gift but it will bring a lot of joy.

4) The Meal

Many people tend to equate consumption with love on that day, but it does not relate one bit. Fancy restaurants cost a bomb for Valentines dinner as they serve their best that comes with a beautiful ambiance. But why spend on something that isn’t especially for the two of you. The best, most sincere way to enjoy a meal on Valentine's Day is to either prepare a meal at home or for a picnic. Honestly, do anyone enjoy being in a room filled with other couples? So why not find a way to have a meal where the two of you can lose yourselves to the food and in each other's company. The cost of groceries for a romantic meal would not come close to what they charge at restaurants. So nail 'The Meal' part of the day with a view if you plan on eating out.

5) The Date

Don’t be confused, the meal is part of the date but this focuses on what you guys plans to do after the meal or at any time being alone together. You could try not spending a single cent and try doing something totally random, like playing board games or taking a walk in your city but only through routes you have never used. You could make things a little exciting, which is to play some board games and then the loser would have to find a spot in the city to stargaze. Maybe I'm being too specific but the idea is to make a good, maybe even a great memory.

An ideal spot to be away from people is the beach after dark. The cold night would only bring the two of you closer, you could talk about things or just enjoy the waves and the breeze. Don’t forget to bring refreshments, probably some wine or champagne to get into the rhythm of the waves.
If you're an active couple, then try rock-climbing, mini-golf or even hit some balls at the batting cage. Going on an active date tend to create more conversations with one another, which hopefully could lead to greater things.


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