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Indonesian company launches YouTube clone, MeTube

A major Indonesian media company, MNC Group has just launched a video portal called MeTube and the website resembles its American role model, YouTube.

Visually it has a look of its own but many elements are noticeably similar.
MeTube is a mix of MNC’s own shows and videos uploaded by partner sites or individual users. The site allows you to browse clips from different categories and they even have their own talk shows and comedy series highlighted on the home page.

However film director, Joko Anwar and founder of Malesbanget, Christian Sugiono were not impressed.

Anwar pointed out that their content is not filtered thoroughly and revealed a number of explicit videos which is illegal in Indonesia, whereas Sugiono was upset that a MeTube user had uploaded a number of Malesbanget clips to the website without any permission.

Anwar raised the question to the authorities as Vimeo is blocked for the very same reason in the archipelago.

Meanwhile, MeTube has since removed the videos pointed out by the men, which means that they are taking action to remain relevant and to avoid public criticism.

Unfortunately, their shares have fallen ever since the arrival of Netflix as people might view Netflix's vast content superior to the local brand.

(Photo Source: techinasia.com)
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