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Cristiano Ronaldo is the first athlete with 200M followers

Portuguese professional footballer and international superstar Cristiano Ronaldo now has over 200 million social media followers, making him the first ever athlete to reach that number!

The figure was taken based on social media tracking database Hookit.com, which combines Ronaldo’s followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which are 40.7 million, 49.6 million, and 109.7 million, respectively.

Ronaldo’s figure beats Lionel Messi's 122 million social media followers, making the latter the second most followed athlete in the world. However, Messi does not have a Twitter account.

Apart from that, the 31-year-old Real Madrid footballer is also the first athlete to reach 50 million followers in 2010, and then the first to reach 100 million followers in 2014.

(Photo source: Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook)

Now, he is the third celebrity to cross the 200 million mark, joining Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

(Photo source; skysports.com)

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