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Coca-Cola releases new designs for Chinese New Year

It's that time of the year filled with ang pao's and mandarin oranges, not forgetting friends and family of course. As usual, Coca-Cola releases new designs for Chinese New Year almost every year, but this year's edition is a bit more special.
As it is the year of the monkey, Coca-Cola has released a series of 8 cans that have auspicious symbolism and greetings.
The auspicious message and symbols on the 8 Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Cans (from left to right) are:
1.    Abundance In Wealth (财源滚滚) – Pineapples, Coins, Ingots
2.    Lasting Youthfulness (青春常) – Cranes, Peach Buns, Plum Blossom
3.    Benefactors Aplenty (贵人相助) – Ruyi Knot, Peach Blossoms
4.    Prosperity In Business (生意兴隆) – Double Gold Fish, Water
5.    Academic Success (业有成) – Brush, Ink, Paper Scroll
6.    Smooth Sailing Career (业顺利) – Sail Boat
7.    Flourish In Love (场得意) – A pair of Magpies
8.    Peace In The Family (合家平安) – Gourd, Stone Lions

There is something for everybody as each Coca-Cola can design carries a special auspicious wish such as fortune, prosperity, advancement in career, peace in family and etc. so nobody is left out.
These limited edition cans are available in stores while the collector's gift set will only be available at the selected outlets listed below:
·         16th January 2016: Aeon Bandar Utama
·         17th January 2016: Giant Kota Damansara
·         23rd January 2016: Aeon Big Mid Valley
·         23rd January 2016: Giant Klang
·         24th January 2016: Aeon Big Kepong
·         30th January 2016: Aeon Bukit Indah (Bukit Indah, Johor)
·         31st January 2016: Aeon Queensbay (Penang)

Check out Coca-Cola’s Facebook page for more information.

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