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Namewee starts crowd-funding campaign for “Banglasia”

Controversial director and YouTube sensation Namewee is running a global fundraising campaign on the American public-benefit corporation platform, Kickstarter, to raise USD500,000 in order to release the director’s cut version of the Malaysia-banned action comedy, “Banglasia”.

“Banglasia” stars various renowned Asian cast including leading Bangladeshi actor Nirab Hossain, top Malaysian comedian Saiful Apek, Malaysian-based Singaporean actress Atikah Suhaime, as well as Namewee himself, with appearance from legendary Datuk David Arumugan, YouTuber Joseph Germani and more.

The film was banned in Malaysia after the Malaysian Film Censorship Board found that 31 scenes in the movie were deemed inaccurate and misleading.

Even though the film was banned in its home country, it was screened at several film festivals including Osaka Asian Film Festival 2015 (OAFF), New York Asian Film Festival 2015 (NYAFF) and more recently at the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).

“This story is inspired by various real life events I witnessed in my own country Malaysia. Despite its highly anticipated release in 2014, unfortunately it was banned and that greatly disappointed me and my fans. With this crowdfunding campaign to raise further funds, I have great hope that the world will finally get to see the director’s cut of this film,” said Namewee in a statement.

Namewee and Fred Chong at the press conference of “Banglasia” Kickstarter campaign launch.

“Banglasia” tells the story of a group of multi-cultural individuals coming together when their cultural tolerance and understanding are put to the test.

In partnership with U.S. media platform 8sian Media, which holds exclusive global distribution rights, and Asian digital entertainment network, WebTVAsia founded by Namewee’s frequent producer/collaborator Fred Chong, as its exclusive digital campaign partner, the 40-day campaign offers a six-tier rewards scheme based on the donor’s monetary contribution.

The highest tier which is USD 10,000 will give the donor a guaranteed red-carpet appearance with Namewee, as well as the other stars during an upcoming official screening, plus a credit mention as an Executive Producer of “Banglasia”.


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