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2nd WebTVAsia Awards to be held in Bangkok

The first WebTVAsia Awards recently took place at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on 23 October, presenting more than 30 awards with participation from 12 nations in Asia.

Curated by Prodigee Media, the company’s founder and CEO, Fred Chong has revealed to TheHive.Asia that he plans on doing the second WebTVAsia Awards next year in Bangkok, Thailand.

WebTVAsia was founded in late 2013.

“I don’t have any specific details on it yet, but I plan on doing the second one in Bangkok next year,” said Fred Chong.

Prodigee Media founder and CEO, Fred Chong.

Hoping that the awards ceremony will be an annual event, Fred also mentioned that since WebTVAsia has four different offices in four Asian regions – Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, he hopes to hold the event at each of the region the following years.

WebTVAsia Awards 2015 ended with a blast last Friday, though Fred admits that the event might have overrun a bit, he is happy with the result of the whole event.

LadyBaby won Most Popular YouTube Videos in Japan!

Joyce Chu performed her iconic "Malaysia Chabor" song.

6-year-old Na Haeun danced to Sistar's "Shake It"

“I’m very excited because my team did it, it’s a big team effort and it’s a Malaysian company initiative. It's very difficult to coordinate and run an event like this with 12 different countries. So, I’m glad that we managed to pull it off!” he added.

Soo Wincci and Farid Kamil as awards presenters.

(L-R) Karen Kong, David Arumugam and Joyce Chu.

Najwa Mahiaddin performed "After the Rain".

Leona Chin and Madmax.tv won Freaking Awesome Video of the Year award!

WebTVAsia Awards 2015 saw the attendance of various local artistes, like Farid Kamil, Amber Chia, Soo Wincci, Henley Hii, David Teo, David Arumugam along with regional talents such as LadyBaby, SNH48, Lollipop F and more!

(Photos courtesy of Prodigee Media)
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