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Jason Derulo heats up MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015

With an attendance of almost 20,000 fans, it was no wonder that this year’s MTV World Stage Malaysia packs more punch than before!

With great energy from both on and off stage, everybody was definitely having a blast last Saturday night at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon.

This year’s lineup consists of Malaysian singer Stacy, Japanese act Sekai No Owari, Korean girl group Apink, Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen and American star Jason Derulo, who all gave their best performances that left their fans screaming for more.

The massive crowd at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015!
MTV VJs Hanli Hoefer and Alan Wong as this year’s co-hosts.

MTV VJs Alan Wong and Hanli Hoefer brought great energy as the event’s hosts as they interacted with fans in between performances – playing games and giving them prizes, keeping boredom at bay as the crowd waited for the next act to take to the stage.

Stacy performing “Not For Sale”.
“Not For Sale”, Stacy featuring Altimet.

Stacy got the party started with “Not For Sale”, an upbeat track featuring Malaysian rapper Altimet. The petite 25-year-old rocked an all-black ensemble, channeling a gothic look with her equally dark makeup, which included lips in a midnight hue. 

The winner of the Sixth season of Akademi Fantasia was chosen by fans as Malaysia’s #MostWanted local act, thus giving her the chance to rock the stage for the first time ever at MTV World Stage.

Sekai No Owari performing their songs.
Saori of Sekai No Owari.
From left: Fukase, DJ Love and Nakajin of Sekai No Owari.

Next in line was Japanese creator group, Sekai No Owari. One of the members, DJ Love, might have given some unsuspecting coulrophobics in the crowd a shock as he appeared on stage fully decked in his clown look. Thankfully other members: Fukase (singer), Saori (pianist) and Nakajin (leader, guitarist), appeared with their normal human faces.

Their quirky getup added more charm to their stage, not that it needed any help in charming the audience. Even non-fans who were not familiar with the group were impressed by the quality of their performance. 

The band kicked off their MTV World Stage debut with “Anti-Hero”, the theme song of live-action Japanese movie “Attack on Titan”. Other songs the group performed include “Death Disco”, accompanied by 3D laser orbs lighting the stage, and “SOS”, theme song of sequel “Attack on Titan: End of the World”. 

The band wrapped up their first ever performance in Southeast Asia with “Dragon Night”, adding an accordion and a banjo to their already unique instrumental mix.

Apink performing at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015.
Apink introducing themselves.
Apink fan with a placard for Eunji.

The next act, Korean idol group Apink, proved to be the most popular act of the night (apart from Jason Derulo, of course) when throngs of fans surged forward the moment the six girls, decked in matching stage outfit – white cropped top paired with white long pants and white heels, appeared onstage.

People who had been milling about or sitting quietly at the sides were now part of the crowd, jumping up and down in excitement. As Apink sang through their hits such as “NoNoNo”, “Mr.Chu”, “LUV” and “Remember”, Pink Pandas – that’s the group’s fanclub name – sang along loud and clear and even danced along excitedly to the choreography, not excluding the fanboys who copied every move perfectly. 

As the girls introduced themselves, some attempted to speak in the local tongue, much to the delight of Malaysian fans. Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young kept talking to their fans in between their performances, showing as much love as they could to their Southeast Asian fans that they seldom get to see.

Carly Rae Jepsen got the crowd going with her bubbly songs.
Carly danced the night away!

Beautiful lighting to accompany Carly’s stages.

Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen took to the stage next, performing a nine-track set that includes “Run Away With Me” and “E.MO.TION” – both songs taken off her new album, also called “E.MO.TION”.

The bubbly 29-year-old’s stage was livened up with giant LED balloons bouncing among the crowd and bubbles being released into the mosh pit. Wearing a simple but sweet dress, the Grammy-nominated singer kept fans entertained with songs that really, really, really, really, really (this pun is never getting old) got the crowd going.

Of course, it is not a Carly Rae Jepsen stage if it doesn’t have fan favourites “Call Me Maybe” and “I Really Like You”. While the crowd did not sing along much during the earlier tracks, the moment “Call Me Maybe” came on, fans started belting the song along with Carly. “I Really Like You” was the perfect song to end her stage as it was another hit that fans could sing along to from intro to ending.

Jason Derulo sang 14 songs at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015.
Jason wants to hear his fans sing.

Undoubtedly the biggest act of the night, Jason Derulo was last on the roster. Even though there was a lengthy break prior to his stage, fans were willing to wait around. Q: How did the crowd know Jason Derulo was finally going to perform? A: When DJ Joe Murphy, wearing a Harimau Malaya jersey, appeared on stage to get the crowd all hyped up for the singer.

Derulo elevated onto the stage with the first of his 14 songs of the night, “In My Head”, a chart-topper that every fan sang along to wholeheartedly. Pulling off an all-white ensemble not unlike Apink’s (minus the cropped top and heels), Derulo wowed the crowd with not only his vocals but also his dancing skills. Almost all of his songs were injected with dance breaks that showed off his and his backup dancers’ smooth steps. 

Jason Derulo showing off his moves.
Jason walked the stage from one end to another, giving his best to his fans.

Though it was not all upbeat tracks for the 25-year-old as he also sang slower songs such as “Marry Me” and took the time to inspire his fans with his song, “Cheyenne”.  For his last stage, the singer taught the crowd some of the moves to his song “Pull Up”, successfully making the crowd dance along with him as he performed the song.

Technical glitches, mainly dysfunctional microphones, did somewhat mar the concert experience (especially for Stacy’s and Apink’s stages) but all in all it was still a great show. 

The concert ended with a firework performance, a perfect end to an explosive night of fun, music, and dance!
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