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Skrillex to make his concert debut in Malaysia

Malaysian EDM lovers will be pleased to know that the famous American electronic music producer and DJ, Skrillex, will soon be making his Malaysian debut in September.

Skrillex, who is also part of the American DJ duo Jack Ü alongside another renowned EDM DJ - Diplo, announced the exciting news through his “Asia | India Tour” post on his official Instagram.

September 19th // Singapore, Singapore @ Road to Ultra Singapore September 20th // Tokyo, Japan @ Ultra Japan September 23rd // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ KL Live September 25th // Bali, Indonesia @ Ultra Beach Bali September 26th // Manila, Philippines @ Road to Ultra Philippines September 27th // Saigon, Vietnam @ Lush September 29th // Hanoi, Vietnam @ Vibrations - Hero Club September 30th // Hong Kong @ AsiaWorld Expo October 2nd // Busan, Korea @ Club Grid October 3rd // Shanghai, China @ Storm Electronic Music Festival October 4th // Taipei, Taiwan @ Gongliao Beach October 8th // Mumbai, India @ Reliance JIO Garden October 9th // Bengaluru, India @ Supernova Arena & Convention Centre October 10th // Hyderabad, India @ Gachibowli Stadium Hockey Ground October 11th // New Delhi, India @ Huda Grounds
A photo posted by skrillex (@skrillex) on

According to the post, the 27-year-old DJ will be stepping onto our shores on 23 September 2015, making his first ever performance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at KL Live.

Skrillex Asian tour will start from 19 September until 11 October 2015 with the inaugural Road to Ultra Singapore as his first destination.

So far, the date and the venue are the only information available. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

(Photo source: wegotthiscovered.com)

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