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Outlook Festival KL launch party happening next week

Outlook Festival – Europe's leading bass music and sound system culture festival – will be making its way to Malaysian shores very soon for a pre-party of the event, and it is going to be huge!

Outlook Festival is embarking on a worldwide party launch tour to nearly 100 events in 32 countries, including Malaysia!

Hosted by Loops Collective, the festival will welcome guests like R.X.G, DJ Nesh, and Digital from Metalheadz label, DJ K and Shazan Z to the KL Launch Party.

There is also a possibility that the legendary DJ Falcon who is one of the collaborators on Daft Punk’s last album “Random Access Memories” – will be making his debut in Malaysia.

The pre-party will be divided into a two-room rave; Room 1 will lay on drum and bass, dubstep and beats while Room 2 will go heavy on house and garage.

Outlook Festival KL Launch Party will take place on 24 July 2015 at Nagaba KL.

For more information, visit outlookfestival.com.

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