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When food meets movies and TV series

The great thing about art is it can come in many different forms – including food, just as long as you have imaginations, creativity and skills.

We have seen all sorts movie related or themed food created by fanatic hardcore fans and some of them look really amazing and realistic.

Here, we have compiles some creative food with themes derived from famous TV series, movies, novels or comics. Take a look at them!

The cereal killer from "Friday the 13th"!

The sweet and sexy dancers from "Moulin Rouge".

When the baking went bad in "Breaking Bad".

"CSI" - Cream Scene Investigation.

Master builders building the perfect wedding cake!

Forget Bill, it's time for some cream puffs!

The "Corpse Bride" found her wedding cake!

"Jaws": The revenge of  the macaron! 

The edible-licious Sorting Hat!

Cake of Thrones!

The green macarons make Hulk angry!

James Bond is having trouble with his wedding!

Lord of the donut Ring.

The cake is not floating, "Up"!

The ice cake is cracked!

The roasted fig Sarlacc from "Star Wars".

(Photos from: boredpanda.com)
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