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Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta starts next month

Enjoy Japanese pop culture and music at Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta which will bring in a number of famous acts all the way from Japan as well as some local Indonesian acts.

The festival which will be held at Lapangan D Senayan on 6 and 7 June 2015, will showcase all sorts of famous pop culture from Japan such as cosplaying, maid and butler cafes, anime and manga, as well as Japanese pop music.

Some of the performers lined up from Indonesia include Nidji, d’Masiv, Pee Wee Gaskins, Electron 45, Go!Go!JiLL and Lumina Scarlet.

Meanwhile the much awaited artistes from Japan include Dempagumi.inc, Kamen Joshi and Bullet Train.

Indonesian Vocaloid DJ RedShift and the world first “Animetic Idol” Momochi Minami will also be at the event.

Other than the music festival, the event will also feature stage performances and booth exhibitions such as maid and butler café, cosplay and Kamen Rider performance.

The ticket entry for the festival is priced at IDR50,000 (RM13.80) per person.

For more information, visit Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta FB page.
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