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Collectors Toy Fair KL on Star Wars Day

Gather round all collectors in Malaysia, the second instalment of Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL) is here!

First started in 2012, the event, which is the only collectors’ toy fair in Malaysia, gathers all sorts of collectors such as figurine, miniature car, action figure, anime, manga and comic collectors, under one roof.

These collectors are welcome to trade, sell, or showcase their collections as well as share their interest on their collections among each other.

Furthermore, this event is a charity event organised by a group of local collectors dedicated to all the serious and enthusiastic collectors in Malaysia. All profits earned from the entrance fee and the Charity Auction of this event will be donated to the charity.

CTFKL will be held at Kompleks Sukan Datuk Keramat, from 10am to 6pm on 4 May 2015 (may the Fourth be with you!), so expect a lot of Star Wars merchandises and cosplayers at the event!

The entrance fee to the one-day event is RM1 while kids under 12 years old as well as cosplayers may enter for FREE.

For more information, visit CTFKL 2 FB event page.

(Photos from: CTFKL 2 FB event page)

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