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Artist uses fruits to create cute characters and animals

Remember when our mums used to say, “Don’t play with your food"? Well, looks like someone’s mum here doesn't mind her daughter playing with food – in fact, this particular artist's series of art is called, “Playing with Fruit”.

Meet Sandra Suarez, a creative and talented Spanish artist who uses her imagination to turn fruits into cartoon characters and cute animals.

At first, it would seem like she is wasting food, but most of her works are done on the outside surface of fruits that require one to peel the skin; like banana, orange, pineapple and watermelon, which does not lead to any wasting.

According to Bored Panda, Sandra says that her artwork is a way for her to exercise her imagination and creativity.

Check out more of her creative art work on her Instagram and Facebook.

Angry Apples

Apple Caterpillar

Apple Skull

Apple Turtle

Apple Wazowski

Banana Pencil

Banana-Apple Snail

Christmas Apple

Fruit Fusion

Kiwi Birds

Lemon Bee

Matryohkas Pear Family

Mr. Kiwi

Orange Crab

Orange Fish

Orange Snowman

Passion Fruit Homer

Pineapple Bert


Watermelon World Globe

Wild Banana

(Photos from: Sandra FB)
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