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Baymax reimagined as other fictional characters

Who can ever resist the adorable fluffy robot Baymax, who is the latest adored Disney character from one of the best animation movies in 2014, “Big Hero 6”?

The film didn’t become the biggest animation in Malaysia (and win Best Animated Feature at the Oscars) for nothing as the huggable robot easily charmed every Disney fans out there with his high level of cuteness!

What makes Baymax even more irresistible is when 18-year-old self-taught Scottish artist Demetria Skye, who goes by the name of DeeeSkye online, reimagined this inflatable white blob into other movie characters from Disney (mostly), Marvel, DreamWorks, Cartoon Networks, Nickelodeon and more!

Demetria Skye and her Baymax plushy

In Skye's artworks, Baymax not only cosplays as other characters, he also crosses-over into other movies!

Check him out and drown in his cuteness now!

Baymax as Ariel

Baymax as Ash with Pikachu

Baymax as The Avengers

Baymax as Beast with Belle

Baymax as Boo with Boo

Baymax as Buzz Lightyear

Baymax as Prince Charming with Cinderella

Baymax as Donald Duck

Baymax as Count Dracula

Baymax with Eep

Baymax as Elsa

Baymax as Genie with Jasmine

Baymax as Genie

Baymax as The Little Green Alien

Baymax as Woody with Jessie

Baymax with Lilo

Baymax as Stitch with Stitch

Baymax with Tiana

Baymax with Lottie

Baymax as Alice

Baymax as Mad Hatter

Baymax as Maleficent

Baymax as Mario with Princess Peach

Baymax with Merida

Baymas as Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey

Baymax as Mickey Mouse

Baymax as Minnie Mouse

Baymax as Pinocchio

Baymax as Rapunzel

Baymax with Rapunzel

Baymax as Snow White

Baymax as Dopey with Snow White

Baymax as Spock

Baymax as Magneto

Baymax as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Baymax as The Winter Soldier

(Photos taken from: deeeskye.deviantart.com, deeeskye.tumblr.com)

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