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Amazing “Avengers” inspired eye make-up looks

The second instalment of “Avengers” will be released in Malaysia next month, so if you are a fan of the Avengers, why not display your fandom by trying out these amazing “Avengers” inspired eye make-up looks created by a talented makeup artist named Jangsara from Finland.

Jangsara carefully and creatively combines different shades of eye shadow, eye-liner, glitter, fake lashes and mascara to create her superhero eye-look. Her Avengers-themed eye-makeup called “Avengers Assemble” is one of her many brilliant works where she uses her face as her canvas.

These amazing eye make-up looks are suitable for girls (or guys) to apply when attending a costume party, cosplay event, or even Halloween (Instead of wearing the costume because that is so mainstream!).

To learn how each look is done and what products were used, visit Jangsara’s official blog.

Here are the “Avengers Assemble” eye make-up looks.

Black Widow

Captain America


The Hulk

Iron Man


Nick Fury


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