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DJ Calvin Harris nude photos and videos leaked

The handsome Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris is the latest victim of a recent nude photo leak.

We have already seen and drooled over the 31-year-old’s hot body ever since he became the new face for Armani underwear, but the recent photo leak of the DJ has gotten him all lawyer-ed up.


The “Summer” singer’s nude photos and videos were leaked and had spread around to both porn and media outlets, TMZ reports.

Apparently, Harris has a habit of taking and sending nude pictures and videos of him to various different women as he proudly poses for the camera.

Nice shot!

Obviously, the culprit has got to be one of the women that received the photos or the acquaintances of these women who happen to look at their friend’s phone and shared them out.

So, should we say that he got what he deserves?

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