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S’pore’s Jewel Changi Airport will have an indoor rainforest!

A rainforest in an airport? Go Green!

Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore is currently in development and will soon be the world’s best airport ever with its indoor waterfall, said to be the tallest in the world, a large indoor park complete with native trees and plants, and other awesome features that you never see in airport before!

According to UK Daily Mail, the waterfall which is called the Rain Vortex is 130 feet tall and is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall which will be located at the core of the airport, where at night the waterfall will transform into a light and sound show with special lighting effects.

CAG’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Jewel Changi Airport Devt Pte Ltd, Lee Seow Hiang told UK Daily Mail:
“An important hallmark of Changi Airport’s growth over the past thirty-odd years has been continual change and innovation. In charting the airport’s future, this spirit continues to underpin our strategy. Faced with intensifying competition, we challenged ourselves to rethink what an airport can be – not just as a gateway for flights, but as a tourism destination on its own.”

Another comment was given by Chief Executive Officer of Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte Ltd, Philip Yim, regarding the upcoming airport:
“Apart from distinctive design, Jewel will break new ground with its unique mix of attractions, retail and airport facilities, integrated in a way like never before to create a slew of different experiences in a single visit. Located at the doorstep of the award-winning Changi Airport, it will be a place where Singapore and the World meet. For international travellers, Jewel will be an exciting tourist destination. For Singaporeans, it will be a playground near home where they can share many happy moments with their loved ones.”

Designed by a team led by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the five-storey above and below ground airport is slated to open in 2018.

(Photos source: dailymail.co.uk)

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