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[Photos] Hot babes and bikes at Motorcycle Fest 2014

Things got a bit steamy over the weekend with the arrival of the International Motorcycle Festival Malaysia 2014 (IMF) that was held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Organised by DMEO Exhibit Sdn Bhd, the biker festival was launched on Friday with the support of the tourism ministry to allow Malaysia to host the biggest ever motorcycle festival in South East Asia!

Despite the cloudy start to the festival, the event area was bustling with activity with over 250 booths that represent various popular motorcycle brands. With each booth offering premium racing items and displays to interest even the least fanatic bike enthusiasts, there were also hot babes dressed in sexy biker outfits to attract visitors!

Keeping the momentum of the excitement going was the stunt shows by professional riders that entertained the crowd with their various motorcycle maneuvers and drifting across various terrains.

Of course, no motorcycle festival will be complete without a motor race, and that's what visitors got with the EnduroCross and SuperMoto races that featured not only local racers, but international names as well.

Set to return again next year; if you've missed out this year's event, fret not as we got you covered via the photos below!


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