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Now it’s time for Kourtney K to break the Internet

Back off Kim K, big sis is coming through!

Looks like the Kardashians are really good at ‘breaking the Internet’, cause following her younger sister’s footsteps, the eldest sister of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney, has bared it all for DuJour magazine along with her 9-month-old baby bump!

Her almost-nude shots were taken by Brian Bowen Smith.

According to Daily News, Kourtney confessed to the magazine, “To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of… I’m not embarrassed of my body. I’m at my best when I’m pregnant.”

However, unlike her sister, Kourtney did not do the shots because she wants to ‘break the Internet’ (that’s what she said); she did it because she once did a private shoot when she was pregnant with her first child, Mason.

Therefore, she wanted to recreate the experience again for her third pregnancy, but this time not in private anymore.

“This was something that initially I did for myself just to capture the moment in my life, but these photos are beautiful and I’m happy to share them,” said the 35-year-old TV personality.
Now that Kim and Kourtney have bared it all, will Khloé be next? Only time will tell…

See the sexy momma photos below!

(Photos taken from eonline.com)

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