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Cheating lovers left stark naked at parking lot

Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public, or rather the lack of it in this case! It seems that there is now a trend to publicly humiliate cheaters by either stripping or leaving them naked in front of the whole world to see.

The latest in this disturbing series of the decline in human morals is set in China, where a man and his lover were left stark naked at the parking lot of a shopping mall, reports Metro.co.uk.

Acting on suspicion, the wife of the cheating man, 29-year-old Ting Su had followed her 30-year-old husband's car to the shopping mall only to find, that to her utter surprise, he was in fact acting intimately with not just any other woman, but with her very own twin sister in the back seat of the car!

Caught in the act, the husband was shocked to see his wife and had apparently jumped out of the car naked.

Honey, please let me in! (Photo: Europics)
Following his sudden reaction, his mistress, a.k.a the wife's twin sister had also jumped out of the car, also naked.

With the car left unoccupied, the wife had gotten into the car and had quickly driven off, leaving the shocked cheating pair naked at the parking lot.

With such a scene taking place, the public (much to their amusement) whipped out their phones to record the bizarre incident.

Ironically, it was only recently that the wife had given birth to a set of twins.

The whole scene took place at a very public parking lot of a shopping mall. (Photo: Europics)

Main Photo Source: Europics

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