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[Photos] Mind-bending body art by Hikaru Cho

Have you ever seen a woman’s face cracked? Or a man’s backside made out of stacks of books? Or the skin of a hand peeling away to unveil tangerine segments? Think all of these are crazy and impossible?

Not until you meet Hikaru Cho, a 21-year-old artist from Tokyo who turns the impossible into a reality in the form of art. Currently studying at Musashino Art University in Kodaira, the word ‘unusual’ is the theme for Cho’s odd and unique art work.

Cho is famous for her creativity that distorts reality, some of her creations are made through body painting, stopmotion movie, illustration, clay sculpture, clothing design, character design and others.

Back in March, Cho participated in the Amnesty International’s “My Body, My Rights” campaign, a global charity for the battle against sexual exploitation and harassment issues where she contributed her skills by creating a series of unique body paintings for the global campaign.

Taking her imagination to the next level, the artist commented on Japan Times on her recent work which showed an imprisoned hand reaching out of the back of a man’s head;

“I think of an illusion in three dimension, I take in an element of trickery to make things appear hollowed out or to seem as if something is emerging.”

“The head painting — as much a performance as a picture — is someone literally ‘imprisoned by their thoughts’,” said Cho. “This is something totally impossible in real life. I want viewers of my art to question what they usually think is normal.”

Check out the Cho’s bizarre and mind-breaking art work (All of the photos are taken from Cho's personal site and Facebook page):-

(Photo Source: japantimes.com)

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