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PAS proposes Al-Quran theme park for Malaysia

Uztaz Bachok Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, MP (Member of Parliament) of PAS has proposed for Malaysia to have the first and largest Al-Quran theme park in order to attract more tourists and at the same time bring pahala (blessings) to the country, The Star reports.

“We already have Legoland, Sunway Lagoon and the Lost World of Tambun. It is time the world came to Malaysia to learn the Quran in the form of a theme park,” said the MP.

He suggested that instead of building the RM30 million project construction of the world’s second largest printing centre in Putrajaya, the money can be used on his proposed theme park instead.

He even suggested for the theme park to be divided into 114 parts to equal with the surah (chapters) in the holy Quran, “It will become the largest tourism and Al-Quran learning destination in the world.”

According to Poskod, the idea could be suggested based on the recent ranking of Malaysia as the “No. 1 Muslim-friendly Holiday Destination in the World” by the Muslim travel consultancy, Cresent Rating.

The PAS MP also promised that if the proposal is accepted, the Kelantan government led by PAS would be willing to offer the land for the project.

(Photo Source: english.alarabiya.net)


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