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Learn more at 2014 George Town Literary Festival

Calling all bookworms! The fourth edition of George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) is happening from 28 to 30 November at The Whiteways Arcade featuring over 30 events including conversations, debates, lectures, performances, readings and book launches!

Gathering a total of over 30 impressive local and international writers which include Miguel Syjuco, Kassim Ahmad, Rehman Rashid, Rana Dasgupta and Sudeep Sen, the writers will be presenting their work through writing, poetry, public speaking, storytelling and/or film.

With this year’s theme being, “Capital”, the knowledge-enhancing festival aims to provide the opportunity for ambitious writers to present their creative thoughts and for acclaimed writers to share their inspiration and passion for the written words.

Some of the few highlights of the event include:-

  • In conversation with Sudeep Sen 
  • Tuah, Jebat, and the Battle for the Malay Soul, by Kassim Ahmad 
  • Inventing Charaters, Susan Barkers 
  • Murakami Three Ways, Haruki Murakami (multi-lingual book reading)
  • Book Launch: Brian Stoddart and The Pallampur Predicament

Kassim Ahmad

Below is the list of speakers for this year’s festival:-

Find out more about this informative event at their official website!

(Photo Source: GTLF 2014)


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