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David Beckham will be in Malaysia for Haig Club whisky

Get ready to catch a glimpse of football hunk, David Beckham in Malaysia!

The famous sports and fashion icon will be coming to Malaysia in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the Haig Club™ whisky, a Scotch whisky brand which was developed in partnership between Beckham and British entrepreneur, Simon Fuller.

The official launch of the whisky took place in Scotland and was even attended by Malaysian fashion designer Dato’ Jimmy Choo, co-founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd, the British high fashion house best known for its handmade women's shoes.

So for the upcoming launch of Haig Club in Malaysia, Beckham had invited Dato’ Jimmy Choo to assist him in the packing and sealing of the first official Haig Club™ at the Diageo cooperage that will now be exported to Malaysia for the local launch.

The launch in Malaysia will take place next Wednesday, 12 November 2014 in a yet to be disclosed location.  

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