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Best Album nominees for 2014's Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM)

The prestigious annual Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM) is commonly known as Malaysia’s version of the Grammy Awards that honours artistes from the Malaysian music industry.

This year will be the 21st anniversary of the awards and it is set to take place at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, on Saturday, 6 December 2014.

The finalists for this year’s AIM21 Best Album Award has already been announced and it has been revealed that the nominees are a mix of veteran and fresh singers.

Which one of these talented singers will get their hands on the trophy? But before that, let’s find out who are the finalists and the details of their nominated albums!

Stacy (#1)

Stacy (real name, Stracie Angie Anam) who gained fame after winning the sixth season of the reality show, “Akademi Fantasia” is especially known for her strong and powerful voice as well as her superb and energetic dancing skills.

Her latest album is titled“#1” and according to the 24-year-old singer; it is named such because she would always want her songs and performances to be the best of the best!

In the album, the lyrics for the song “Gilalah” was written by the singer herself and for the song, “Hello” she had a duet with the local boyband, Smash.

Other than the two songs, the album also features eight more tracks such as  #1, “Jeritan”, “Gadis Dalam Aku”, “Lari”, “Patah”, “Paranormal”, “Tertanya” and “Not For Sale”, the latter which she had collaborated with Malaysian rapper Altimet,

Salamiah Hassan (Aku)

Who would have thought that veteran singer, Salamiah Hassan, 63 is still able to make a mark with her latest album despite her age.

With her melodious voice, Salamiah used to be referred to as the Jingles Queen, as she always sang songs for local commercials.

Even though she is now the mother to Malaysian pop jazz artiste, Atilia, Salamiah is still actively performing on stage for her loyal fans.

Some of the songs in her album are composed by renowned Malaysian pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, arranger and producer, Aubrey Suwito which include "Bintang Malam", "Malam Bulan Dipagar Bintang", "Nak Dara Rindu", "Mahligai Kayangan" and "Boleh Dilihat Dipegang Jangan".

One of the songs entitled “Cahaya” (previously known as “Aku”) is reported to be a reflection of the singer’s personal life.

Dato' Siti Nurhaliza (Fragmen)

After staying silent for so many years, Malaysia's number one singer, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza finally released a new album consisting of nine powerful songs!

Her album that is filled with love and passion has a special song entitled “Jaga Dia Untukku” which she dedicates to her beloved husband, Datuk K. The song expresses the singer’s feelings when her husband got into an accident years ago.

Also, for this album, Siti worked with famous composers from Malaysia such as Faizal Tahir, Mike Chan, Awi Rafael, Hamid Mufari and others ,with Aubrey Suwito acting as the producer of the album.

Some of the highlights of the album include; "Aku", "Mula Dan Akhir", "Terbaik Bagimu", "Lebih Indah" and "Warna Dunia".

Wings (Menakluk Kosmos)

This album was said to have been pirated before its release and there were rumours saying that the sales of the album did not go very well. Nevertheless, this did not stop the album from being nominated as one of the Best Album for the upcoming AIM.

This legendary local rock band that was first formed in 1985 with band members Awie, Joe, Black and Eddie has reunited once again to form their 17th studio album.

Produced by KRU Music, the songs in this album consists of; "Menakluk Kosmos", "Ingatkan Dia", "Bisa Yang Tertunda", "Gurindam Masyar" and plenty more.

Shila Amzah (Shila Amzah)   

The blossoming female singer whose name has recently become known throughout China is none other than the lovely lady with the sweet-singing voice, Shila Amzah, the eldest daughter of veteran singer ND Lala.

The pop-themed album contains eight dynamic soundtracks which are mostly composed by the singer herself. The songs include;  "Sedar", "Masih Aku Cinta", "Cinta Hati", "Tulus", "Maaf", "Patah Seribu" and "Xia Yi Bu" which is actually the Mandarin Chinese version of  “Patah Seribu”.

It was said that these songs came about when Shila broke up with Sharnaaz Ahmad and they reflect her broken heart.

So, who is the one that is going to take home the winning trophy while the other four get the “Better luck next time” nod? We’ll find out during the main event this December!

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