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10 Bands with the most followers on Facebook!

Surfing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have certainly become a norm especially since celebrities are also active with them.

The existence of such sites have now become a platform for artistes to connect with fans on their latest news on albums, touring plans, concerts and other updates.

These social media sites have also become one of the tools to measure an artiste’s level of popularity – based on the number of their followers or likes!

Since there are all sorts of artistes and musicians all over the world as well as three major social media sites, we decided to narrow down the categories and choices to bands and Facebook!

Here, we have listed out the Top 10 Bands with the most ‘likes’ on Facebook!

1)  Linkin Park – 66.31 million 
(Photo Source: verse.hu)

2)  The Beatles – 42.64 million 
(Photo Source: allpostersimages.com)

3)  Metallica – 38.75 million  

(Photo Source: wordpress.com)

4)  Coldplay – 38.48 million

(Photo Source: uhdwallpapers.org)

5)  Maroon 5 – 37.30 million 

(Photo Source: underthegunreview.net)

6)  One Direction – 37.23 million

(Photo Source: tumblr.com)

7)  Green Day – 34.21 million
(Photo Source: deviantart.net)

8)  AC/DC – 30.96 million 

(Photo Source: acdc.com)

9)  Guns N’ Roses – 30.92 million

(Photo Source: blogspot.com)

10)  Pink Floyd – 30.25 million

(Photo Source: paraorkut.com)


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