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[Photos] Lady's amazing make-up transformation obsession

Previously, we saw the work of a talented Filipino who can transform himself into various famous female celebs from Hollywood, now another artistic creative has entered the ring of make-up transformation!

Meet Lucia Pittalis, an Italian freelance make-up artist and portrait painter who can transform herself into various veteran celebrities with the use of beauty products and her excellent make-up skills.

Pittalis recently gained fame and recognition throughout her Instagram and Facebook for her skillful transformation turning into some of the best artistes from the 80s such as, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards and more!

See for yourself!

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in "Breaking Bad"
(Photo Source: empireonline.com)

Kirk Hammet, lead guitarist of Metallica
(Photo Source: fulltone.com)

Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in "The Godfather"
(Photo Source: bubbygram.com)

Frank Zappa
(Photo Source: everybestof.com)

Iggy Pop
(Photo Source: hasselblad.com)

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in "Murder, She Wrote"
(Photo Source: fanpop.com)

Bette Davis
(Photo Source: mlquotes.com)

Keith Richards from Rolling Stones
(Photo Source: sodahead.com)

Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors
(Photo Source: rhythm1047.com)

Danny Trejo as Machete in "Machete"
(Photo Source: content.time.com)

Syllvester Stallone as Rambo in "Rambo"
(Photo Source: onlyfreewallpaper.com)

Syllvester Stallone as Rocky in "Rocky"
(Photo Source: dailydappr.com)

Syllvester Stallone as injured Rocky in "Rocky"
(Photo Source: themoviethemesong.com)

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