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Maxis and DiGi sites crash due to iPhone 6 pre-orders

The long-awaited latest iPhone models are almost out in Malaysia and you can start pre-ordering them as of today!

But…Bad news! The two major telcos’ sites (Maxis and DiGi) in Malaysia reportedly crashed early this morning, shortly after the sites were open to pre-order at 12.01am due to heavy traffic. (Gosh, you people are so impatient!)

While Maxis and DiGi are allowing customers to place their orders, Celcom has been taking down customers’ registration of interest (ROI) weeks ago.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will officially be available in Malaysian stores starting from 6 November 2014 (which is this coming Thursday!). But, since many have already pre-ordered the phones the chances of a walk-in in-store purchase is rather slim.

Here is the price of the two iPhone models taken from Maxis as posted on Lowyat.com, shortly before the they got taken down:-

(Photo Source: lowyat.net)
(Photo Source: lowyat.net)

We tried checking out the two sites again (31 October, 12:27pm) and apparently, the two sites are still inaccessible. 

Well, all we can do now is be patient!

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