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Artist turns 2-year old daughter’s doodles into fab paintings!

Self-taught Canadian artist, Ruth Oosterman creatively changed the doodles of her 2-year old daughter, Eve into beautiful and breathtaking paintings.

Meet Ruth Oosterman, a self-taught artist from Canada.

Oosterman told Buzzfeed that Eve was her source of inspiration when she was running out of ideas. She said that she decided to collaborate with her daughter when one of her daughter’s doodles caught her attention. She was inspired by the rough doodle and ideas started to flow out.

Meet Eve, Oosterman's 2-year old daughter.

“I have always dreamed of collaborating with her but assumed it was still a few years away before she would be old enough. I realized that we were already collaborating and didn’t even know it,” said Oosterman.

She also mentioned on her blogspot, “I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it too seriously, this way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it to ‘grownup.’”

She further added, “As Pablo Picasso said it can take ‘but a lifetime to paint like a child.’ I feel so blessed that my daughter can remind me once again what it is to paint like a child by letting me see through her eyes.”

Check out the outstanding collaboration between the mother and a daughter!

1. The Lady and The Fox

2. The Red Boat

3. The Elephant King

4. The Great Owl

5. A Bookworm’s Dream

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