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Acer invented the World’s very 1st Selfie Hat!!

Good news to all Selfie lovers! Acer has taken the selfie game to a whole new level by inventing a weird wearable tech called Selfie Hat.

Fashionably weird or weirdly fashionable?

With the collaboration of fashion designer, Christian Cowan-Sanluis, the hat is a glittering pink sombrero with an Acer's Iconia A1-840 tablet hanging off of it.

Strike a pose!

According to Acer, “The sombrero style hat spins 360-degrees and has an integrated Acer Iconia A1-840 tablet which enables struggling selfie takers to find their best angle.”

Time to find the perfect angle!

Plus, the Selfie Hat comes together with another non-wearable bright pink tablet case with hat on top of it which is currently being sold in limited amount of numbers.

Bright and sparkly pink casing for your tablet!

The unique Selfie Hat fashion will be making its debut at London Fashion Week as part of Christian Cowan-Sanluis’s latest collection.

Cristian Cowan-Sanluis showing off his latest creation!

Also, Christian Cowan-Sanluis is actually one of the designers behind Lady Gaga outrageous outfit which explains the uniqueness of Selfie Hat.

The outfit was previously worn by Lady Gaga. (but without the tablet)

Moreover, earlier this week we also have another weird invention called the Selfie Brush which allow selfie takers to incorporate their phone into the back of the brush and take selfies when they are done combing their hair.

Selfie Brush can work as both phone casing and mirror.

Creative or weird? You decide!

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