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Photos: 2014 Dessert Trends thus far

There has always been a niche appeal when it comes to desserts and what's popular. Sweet treats have been as flaky and trend-inspiring as Milan's fashion week so without a doubt we wouldn't be surprised when there are trends when it comes to what we eat to finish off a good meal.

From macaroons to Ansel's Cronuts to frozen yoghurt, desserts are giants fads waiting to happen, stay for a little bit and then if they're lucky maybe they will stick around for a bit longer.

Though you might still crave frozen yoghurt, there will still be exciting and upcoming trends when it comes to desserts, and ScoopyScoop has compiled a few desserts to what experts think have been huge this year.

Miniature desserts are expected to blow up in popularity as millennial adults tend to eat impulsively. Mini treats will curb their cravings without going too far. 

Retro/old school puddings are easy to make at home.

Infused ice cubes will be a great way to drink more water, or sweeten up alcohol.

Gourmet or artisan doughnuts will be beautiful to look at, which will be irresistible for buyers!

Greek yoghurt is becoming a trend as it is a healthy option filling compared to cream.

Tea in general will become fancier and more 'artsy'. Starbucks even opened their first tea shop.

Unexpected flavour combos are likely to strike our tastebuds. Try star anise, pumpkin, pink peppercorn, maca, lucuma and sea salt!

Dominique Ansel 's prediction is that desserts will join forces with vegetables! He's already right as restaurants are coming up with things like the Celery Cheesecake Roll.

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