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Netizens created funny memes out of the two sinkholes in KL

Due to the collapsed of an underground tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, two large sinkholes appeared at the intersection between Jalan Pudu and Jalan Hang Tuah. The incident sparked the imaginations of Malaysian netizens and caused them to create a series of meme of the sinkholes with various  fictional characters such as, Thor, Loki, Optimus Prime, Godzilla and others were spread on the internet.

Check out the hilariously creative photos down below..

Oh no! Looks like Megatron is searching for Optimus Prime.

Hey, it's Link from "Monster Vs Alien". He looks happy.

Oh no, not the Bomoh!! We don't need your help here.

The Hulk is creating a ruckus here. Someone stop him!

A giant chicken and a hippo? What!?

So, Optimus is here. Maybe he's running away from Megatron.
Optimus, pretending to be a statue won't stop Megatron from finding you.

Arggghh!! It's Godzilla! RUN!!

King Kong is here to join the party!

Ultraman Max  is battling a monster. No wonder it's such a mess!

Ultraman Mebius is here too. More mess!

Apparently, Thor and Loki got themselves into trouble!

I suppose this Shiba Inu got lost.

Oh no! It's Colossal Titan from "Attack On Titan"! This is getting serious.

Obviously someone is lost!

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