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Photos: MH17 Crash Site (Non-Graphic)

Not long after the incident of missing plane MH370, another plane has faced an unfortunate tragedy that has shocked the whole world.

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 plane, MH17 has reportedly crashed in Ukraine somewhere near the Russian border around 11.30pm last night.

Ukrainian government believed that the plane was shot down by Russian rebels when it was cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet, but both Ukrainian authorities and Russian rebel leaders denied shooting down the plane.

According to The Star, MAS confirms that MH17 was carrying a total of 298 people in which 283 of them were the passengers, including three infants of various nationalities, and 15 of them were Malaysian crew members.

Bloomberg reported that around hundred bodies were found at the crash site and body parts along with the plane debris had scattered up to 15km from the site.

Below are the photos of the crash site. In respect to the victims and their families, we have NOT included the more graphic photos of the crash:

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