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Best fan reactions during the World Cup finals

Although Germany won the match, it was not a total loss for Argentina because the goal scored by Mario Götze was a close call after a tough run into overtime.

Nevertheless, it would seems that luck is not on Argentina’s side because Germany just claimed the title for this year’s World Cup champion gaining its fourth World Cup title with a 1-0 victory over Argentina.

All kinds of emotion and reaction are filling the stadium; laughter, joy, excitement, happiness,depression, devastation, disappointment and etc.

While the German fans are up for some celebrations for the country’s victory, the Argentine soccer fans turned violent over Argentina’s loss.

Here are the some of the best fan reactions from the two countries.

Germany fans' reactions
Germany fans went wild in the stadium when Mario scored the final goal that led the country to its victory.

Fans of Germany cheer for victory after the final of the Brazil World Cup 2014 between Germany and Argentina. 

A Germany fan holds a T-shirts that states the years of the four football world cups won by Germany
Another Germany fan holds a replica of the World Cup trophy during the final match of 2014 World Cup.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel also celebrates Germanys first goal with German President Joachim Gauck during the final match of World Cup 2014.

Other memorable fan reactions over Germany's victory

Argentina fans' reactions
Argentine fans cry with disappointment over the loss of their country during the final match.
Some of the Argentina fans caught by police officers after causing violence near the Obelisco de Buenos Aires after their team lost to Germany during the final match

Other sad reactions from Argentina fans

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