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Nude scenes of “Naked and Afraid” shot in Perak jungle

It has been recently discovered that for one of the episodes of “Naked and Afraid” titled, “The Pain Forest”, participants of the show were filmed naked in a Perak jungle.

In case you haven’t heard of the show, in each episode of Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid”; an American survival reality show; a male and a female participant who meet for the first time must live and survive together for 21 days in the wilderness, naked. The survivors must work together to find shelter, clothing, food and water for themselves by using their surrounding environment.

The participants in “The Pain Forest” episode were Fernando Calderon, a firefighter and Samantha Pearson, a single mother who needed to endure the relentless storms of a Malaysian rainforest.

A photo of Pearson and Calderon in one of the episode “The Pain Forest”. (Photo Credit: Chris Horangic/Discovery)

Pearson and Calderon naked in Perak jungle.

Although the show is aimed for American viewers, recently, the video of the episode was widely shared on YouTube.

Based on the logo of a well-known brand displayed on a boat that was used by the contestants, it is deduced that the filming of the show took place at the Royal Belum forest in Perak.

The Royal Belum rainforest in Perak. 

However, the episode is actually the second time the shooting of the reality show has taken place in Malaysia, the first time it took place was on the island of Borneo in the episode “Breaking Borneo” where survivors  Puma Cabra and Julie Wright had to survive 21 days in the Borneo islands. The duo failed to complete the challenge.

Puma Cabra and Julie Wright, the survivors of the “Breaking Borneo” episode that took place at the Borneo Islands. 

Similarly, in 2009, a Danish version of the American reality TV show “Survivor”, known as “Robinson Ekspeditionen” took place in Mersing, Johor had also filmed naked scenes which made the news years back.

Danish reality show, “Robinson Ekspeditionen” that was shot in Johor in 2009. 

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