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Celeb's weirdest jobs before they were famous

Not all celebrities are lucky enough to be born into film, music or television royalty. Some of them have to work the oddest jobs just to get where they are right now. Them being stuck in the rut might just make us feel a little better about our jobs, if we hate it. And they might even inspire us to reach for our dreams.

Here are some of the weirdest jobs the brightest stars had to do before they got themselves famous.

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Celeb: Michael Fassbender

Previous job: Altar Boy

Before starring in a wide range of hit movies, including the Steve McQueen directed movie about a sex addict "Shame", handsome and toothy actor Michael Fassbender worked in a church as a head altar boy. Obviously taking religion very seriously, Fassbender worked in things like weddings and baptisms before earning himself attention in the film industry.

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Celeb: Adrian Brody

Previous job: Magician

Before scoring top awards and acclaim for his movies that he's starred in, including "The Piano" and "The Brothers Bloom", Adrian Brody started off his entertainment career as a magician working at children's birthday parties. The word is that he was also really good at what he did, as he made some good cash from it.

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Celeb: Tim Allen

Previous job: Cocaine dealer

Before having a successful run with his "Home Improvement" sitcom and voicing the memorable Buzz Lightyear in the Disney/Pixar franchise "Toy Story" comedian and actor Tim Allen was, surprisingly, a drug dealer, before being stuck in prison for two years when he got caught. He cleaned up, and has never been the same ever since.

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Celeb: Angelina Jolie

Previous job: Aspiring funeral director

Before her glamourous career and a life devoted to her kids and humanitarian causes, actress Angelina Jolie wanted to be a funeral director in her darker teenage years. She wanted to pursue the career after how frustrated she felt over how her grandfather's funeral was directed. But she hasn't really gone further than having a certificate made.

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Celeb: Brad Pitt

Previous job: Chicken suit wearing restaurant promoter

Following his life partner Angelina Jolie's weird job road, actor Brad Pitt wore a chicken suit to promote a fast food restaurant for a living before being an award winning film producer and film star. The word is that he even had to dance around in the chicken costume as a part of the deal.

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