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Local celebs who share grief for MH370 online

As the world mourns the tragedy for the 2-week long missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, for which our Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed yesterday that it had 'beyond resonable doubt' ended it's journey at the vast southern Indian Ocean, our local celebrities took to their social media accounts to express their grief.

We've compiled some of them here:

Afdlin Shauki

Daphne Iking

 Diana Amir

 Diana Danielle

Hanez Suraya

Hans Issac

Harith Iskander

Joe Flizzow

Lisa Surihani

Marion Caunter

Maya Karin

Nora Danish

Nur Fazura

She also shared photos of some of the victims.

Rozita Che Wan

Shila Amzah

Tony Eusoff

Yuna Zarai

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