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The 'Anugerah Juara Lagu 2014' Red Carpet

The Grammys might have been the biggest musical night in the United States but when it comes to the Malaysian music industry, the country's best loved musicians gather in one place to share music, fun and the individually creative getups and outfits to rival the 'Gaga' in all of the rest, at the 28th Anugerah Juara Lagu.

With the theme this year being the phrase, "Game On", the musical guests and celebrities did just that at the red carpet this year.

Ziana Zain

Yana Samsudin


Ajai and partner

Zalif Sidek

Azwan Ali

Umie Aida


Salam Muzik

Fizo Omar, wife and Mia Sara

Ifa Raziah

Sherry Ibrahim

Kaka Azraff


One Nation Emcee

Maria Tunku Sabri

Shila Amzah

Hanez Suraya

Awi Rafael, Altimet and guest



Aizat Amdan and Noh Salleh

Fouziah Gous

Amy Search

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